Display data read via a web service

Call up the web service via a VB function and use a table to display the data

As an example we read weather data for various cities using the web sevice http://api.openweathermap.org.

We use the XMLReader object of .NET for reading and parsing the XML data returned by the web service.

The final result looks as follows:

GuiXT Script

// build up variables with city names

// Cities
Set V[myweather.cell.city.1] "Berlin,DE"
Set V[myweather.cell.city.2] "Hamburg,DE"
Set V[myweather.cell.city.3] "Dortmund,DE"
Set V[myweather.cell.city.4] "Heidelberg,DE"
Set V[myweather.cell.city.5] "Roma,IT"
Set V[myweather.cell.city.6] "Sydney,AU"
Set V[myweather.cell.city.7] "Los Angeles,US"
Set V[myweather.cell.city.8] "New York,US"
Set V[myweather.cell.city.9] "Las Vegas,US"
Set V[myweather.cell.city.10] "Quebec,CA"

// read weather data for each city
Set V[k] 1

label next_city
if V[myweather.cell.city.&V[k]]

// reset variables
   Clear V[response.*]

  CallVB "utilities.connect.weather" "&V[myweather.cell.city.&V[k]]" "response"

  // weather data found?
  if V[response.temperature.value]
   Set V[myweather.cell.temperature.&V[k]] "&V[response.temperature.value]"
Set V[myweather.cell.clouds.&V[k]] "&V[response.clouds.name]"
   Set V[myweather.cell.wind.&V[k]] _
"&V[response.speed.name], &V[response.speed.value] km/h"
Set V[myweather.cell.humidity.&V[k]] "&V[response.humidity.value]%"

  set V[k] &V[k] + 1
goto next_city


// table row count
V[rows] &V[k] - 1

Table (2,2) (15,80) title="Readings from &V[today_d.m.y h:m]h" _
"myweather" rows="&V[rows]" fixedcolumns=
Column "City" -readonly size=16 name="city"
Column "Temp." -readonly size=8 name="temperature"
Column "Clouds" -readonly size=16 name="clouds"
Column "Humidity" -readonly size=8 name="humidity"
Column "Wind" size=26 name="wind" -readonly

// add button to transfer new readings
Pushbutton (15,2) "Transfer New Readings" "/0" size=(1,28)

VB.NET function

Public Class connect

    Private guixt As New guinet.guixt

    Public Sub weather(city As String, varname As String)

        ' build URL according to open weather API, for the given city
        Dim url As String = _
            "http://api.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/weather?q=" & _
            city & _
            "&APPID=15c03608ece9fc377a13a6cd2cxxxxxx&mode=xml" & _

        ' API returns XML stream with weather data
        Dim XMLReader As New Xml.XmlTextReader(url)

        With XMLReader
            Do While .Read
                Select Case .NodeType
                    Case Xml.XmlNodeType.Element
                        Dim xname As String = .LocalName
                        If .AttributeCount > 0 Then
                            While .MoveToNextAttribute ' next attribute
                                ' set GuiXT variable
                                guixt.SetVariable _
                                 (varname & "." & xname & _
                                   "." & .LocalName, .Value)
                            End While
                        End If
                End Select
        End With

    End Sub

End Class

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