Adding your own input data checks in a generated single screen transaction


  • Create your own "include" script, e.g. "m_va02_check_input.txt".

    With a prefix that is alphabetically placed before the prefix specified in the UI Log project, your own scripts are displayed first in WIndows explorer
  • Include the desired checks in your script. If an error is detected, leave the script with
      Return "E: ...my message text... " -statusline "
  • Put the cursor to the erroneous InputField with
      SetCursor V[....]
    where V[...] is variable assigned to the InputField

    For DropDownLists GuiXT currently does not offer a possibility of putting the focus on the dropdown element
  • Add your script to the generated "save.txt" input script with an "include" statement, preferably immediately after the already generated checks

In the generated VA01 transaction (previous example), we check whether a suitable reason is specified in the case of a material return.

Our include script "m_va02_check_input.txt":

// for order type RE= Return, check order reason = 101, 102 or 103
V[ui_va01.auart=RE] _
  and not ( V[ui_va01.augru=101] or V[ui_va01.augru=102] or V[ui_va01.augru=103] )

    Return "E: Please specify a suitable reason for the return (codes 101-103)" _

In the generated script "ui_va01_save.txt", search the end of the generated checks, e.g for required field input, and add your own checks with "include":

// PO number
 if not V[ui_va01.bstkd]
   SetCursor V[ui_va01.bstkd]
   Message id="00" number="055" type="E" -statusline

  // additional own input checks
  include "m_va01_check_input.txt"


// ignore all info popups
ProcessingOption ignoreInfoPopup="On"