Enhance a generated single screen transaction

The UI Log tool can be used to generate simplified transactions based on the recorded user actions. Even in cases where the complexity of the SAP user interface is too high for the UI log generator, it creates a good starting point for your own development.

Recommended procedure

  • Start with a representative set of user action recordings covering typical daily work

  • Use the UI log reports to get a good understanding of what users normally do in the transaction (navigation steps, data entered, error messages)

  • You may find that it is better to develop two or more variants for one transaction. Copy the corresponding recording data into separate UI log projects and generate two specialized transactions. For example, for VA01 a normal order entry and a return

  • It may also be useful to cover only the 90% case with a simplified transaction and in rare cases to use the original SAP transaction. In this case, it is advisable to first copy a number of recordings into a new UI tool project that cover the desired 90% case

  • Try to get as close as possible to the desired result using the generation options

  • Then copy the entire generated script directory as a separate directory and carry out all further development steps there - otherwise your work will be overwritten with the next generation

  • In some cases it is useful to implement the "Save" function by calling a BAPI instead of automatically processing the SAP transaction. In such cases you can still use the UI part of the generated transaction

  • The general logic of the generated scripts is explained in the following tip. In further tips you will find examples of typical customizations