Transfer files to/from the SAP Web Repository

The SAP Web Repository, in contrast to the newer MIME Repository, does not provide a tool for mass file uploading or downloading. The following GuiXT script based tool can save you time when you need to download or upload many Web Repository files.







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zip file smw0.zip for installation

zip file smw0.vbsource.zip (VB project files with sources, not needed for installation)

GuiXT Script

Offset (5,0)
Box    (0,0)  (9,112)       "Import/Export files"

InputField    (7,2)  "Local folder"       (7,27) size=60   maxlength=200 _

InputField    (2,2)  "Prefix in Web Repository" (2,27) size=30 _

InputField    (4,60) "Package"     (4,80) size=30 _

InputField    (5,60) "Workbench request"  (5,80) size=30 _

Pushbutton (4,38)  "@MC@Import files"    process="smw0_import.txt"  size=(2,20)
Pushbutton (4,2)   "@M8@Export files"    process="smw0_export.txt"  size=(2,20)


Please see the .zip installation file for the two InputScripts



  • A license for InputAssistant and GuiXT Controls is needed to run the tool.

    You may request the free 30-day trial license for trying out both components from the Synactive website. Enter the path of this trial license in GuiXT profile:

  • Unblock the zip file smw0.zip after downloading:

    Tick the "Unblock" checkbox. Otherwise WIndows will not execute the dll files.

  • Unzip the installation files

    to a local folder. Copy the script files .txt into a suitable script directory, e.g. C:\GuiXT\Scripts and copy the two .dll files into a  directory e.g. C:\GuiXT\VB.

  • Enter the two directories in GuiXT profile


Remarks for using the tool

  • Be careful: the files in Web Repository (import) or in the local folder (export) are overwritten without any further prompt

  • Remove .bak files and other files not to be uploaded from your import folder

  • Make sure that each file type that you upload is allowed in the web repository settings (MIME type)

  • Do not work with other PC applications while the file import is running, since this might stop the import. The reason is that the automation of the file selection popup via the VB dll assumes that the file selection is the foregound window (input focus).
    Tip: Occupy your right hand (your 'mouse hand') with a hot drink for example while the import is running.

  • The file export is rather fast, but the import takes around 1 second per file. When you have 1000 files to import you will need around 15-20 minutes.