Select a tree node

Use the predefined VB function

specifying the hierarchical node path.

If you know the technical node key, you may use
CallVBAsync guinet.TreeControl.SelectNodeByPath "Shipping Instruction\EN"

 CallVBAsync guinet.TreeControl.SelectNodeByKey "TXT03EN"

Both functions allow us to specify a list of node identifiers (by path or by key) which are searched one after the other. The functions return the number 1,2,... of the matching identifier, or 0 if no matching node can be found.

CallVBAsync textno = guinet.TreeControl.SelectNodeByKey "TXT03DE,TXT03EN,TXT03FR"

Please note:
In relatively large trees, for example the SAP Easy Access tree or the SAP Reference IMG (transaction SPRO), the tree control does not load all nodes immediately but waits until the user requests a particular subtree. A selection by key with SelectNodeByKey will fail if the node is not yet loaded into the tree control. But the selection by path with SelectNodeByPath will work for such "lazy loading" trees, since GuiXT automatically expands all subtrees of the given hierarchical path during its search.


In transaction VA03 (customer order display) there is a tab "Shipping". We want to display the "shipping instruction text"  on the "shipping" tab



In our InputScript that reads the text we need to select the right node in the text selection tree  in VA03:

To identify the node, we can either use the hierarchical path "Shipping instruction\EN" or the internal SAP node key "TXT03EN".  Here TXT03 is the configured text id and EN is the language code. In other trees, the internal node keys may be meaningless numbers.

Tip: The command

CallVBAsync guinet.TreeControl.GetSelectedItem

reads both the current node path and the node key into GuiXT variables which you can display in the GuiXT Debug window:


GuiXT script

// new transaction or new order number?
// then clear all transaction specific GuiXT variables
if not V[tc.transactionid=&V[_transactionid]] _
      or not
Clear V[tc.*]
Clear text[tc.*]
  Set V[tc.transactionid] "&V[_transactionid]"
  Set V[tc.vbeln] "&F[VBAK-VBELN]"


if Q[Transaction=VA03]

if Q[Page=Shipping]
// shipping note already read?
if not V[tc.shipping_instruction_read]
Set V[tc.shipping_instruction_read] "X"
// read shipping note
Enter "=KTEX_SUB" process="read_shipping_instruction.txt"

      // no further script processing at the moment
Stop Script

    // display shipping note
Box (7,88) (11,156) "Shipping instruction"
TextBox (7.5,88.8) (11,156.5) name="tc.shipping_instruction" -readOnly


InputScript "read_shipping_instruction.txt"

 // ----------------------------------------
// VA03, read shipping instruction text
// ----------------------------------------

Screen SAPMV45A.4002
 CallVBAsync shipping_instruction_exists = guinet.TreeControl.SelectNodeByPath _
"Shipping Instruction\EN"

// read text and return
Screen SAPMV45A.4002
if V[shipping_instruction_exists=1]
CallVBAsync guinet.TextControl.GetText textName:="tc.shipping_instruction"

 Enter "/3" // Back

Please observe: In your InputScript you need a separate Screen...Enter block for the tree node selection.


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