You want to install the GuiXT utilities

The GuiXT utilities are a collection of ABAP functions (mainly function modules) that you can use in your own developments:

  • /guixt/dbselect
    Provides you with a convenient way to read the SAP database in a GuiXT script. It supports format conversions, table joins and CDS views.

    For details see Function module /guixt/dbselect and the section "Reading the SAP database" in our Tips, Tricks and Samples

  • /guixt/select
    A predecessor version of /guixt/select which we provide for compatibility with older scripts.

  • /guixt/submitreport
    Offers you a comfortable way to submit an ABAP report via RFC and to process the list output.

    For details see Function module /guixt/submitreport

  • /guixt/get_text_for_value
    This function can be used to read texts for given key values, e.g. to read the name of a purchasing organization. The function is based on the text link provided in the SAP repository.

  • Transaction /guixt/zxf4
    This transaction provides the standard search help (F4) function for your own input fields.

    For details see Search help for your own input fields

  • /guixt/call
    Provides a way to call SAP function modules. It is based on the SAP RFC protocol, but offers additional features:
    Automatic data conversion between internal and external format, column selection for structures and tables, bundling of multiple calls, parallel processing, remote method calls for ABAP OO.

    For details see Open call interface

  • A few auxiliary functions for the above modules

The functions can be used in all recent SAP systems of the Business Suite and in S/4HANA.


GuiXT + InputAssistant