You want to change the screen title during InputScript processing.

If the processing time of an InputScript exceeds around 3-5 seconds, users tend to get impatient. It is a good idea to indicate clearly that the system is currently carrying out a reasonable task and that therefore no further user action is required at the moment.

Use "Title" statements in the InputScript to display a suitable message while the InputScript is running.

If appropriate, you can change the title several times during InputScript processing to indicate several different steps. For very long running scripts (e.g. several minutes), combine the feedback with a "StatusMessage" command so that a user can see the previous messages as well.

Let us assume that you have created a new button "Display sales history" that starts an InputScript; this will then need some time to read previous orders. When the user presses the button, you immediately give the feedback "Reading customer data... Please wait". 


Screen xxx
"Reading customer data.... Please wait"