Display a date in a verbose format, including the day of the week and name of month

The next tip shows a solution via a VB .NET function

Set V[mydate] "06.01.2018" // sample date, could be any date format

// convert to format dd.mm.yyyy
Set V[diff] "&V[mydate]" - "01.01.1900"
Set V[d1] "01.01.1900" + "&V[diff]"

Set V[dd] "&V[d1](1-2)"
Set V[mm] "&V[d1](4-5)"
Set V[yyyy] "&V[d1](7-10)"

// calculate day of week 1=Monday,... 7=Sunday
Set V[absdate] &V[mydate] * 1
Set V[absdate] &V[absdate] + 4
Set V[nDay] &V[absdate] / 7 decimals=0
Set V[nDay] &V[nDay] * 7
Set V[nDay] &V[absdate] - &V[nDay]
Set V[nDay] &V[nDay] + 4

// weekday and month names
// in cases of multi language support we need to add the corresponding names
Set text[daysOfWeek] _

Set text[monthsOfYear] _  

// use CopyText to select the right name
fromText="daysOfWeek" toString="nameOfDay" line="&V[nDay]" delimiter=","
CopyText fromText="monthsOfYear" toString="nameOfMonth" line="&V[mm]" delimiter=","

// build up verbose date format
Set V[dd0] "&V[dd]" * 1 // no leading 0
V[verboseDate] "&V[nameOfDay], &V[nameOfMonth] &V[dd0], &V[yyyy]"

Message "&V[verboseDate]"