Simplify a selection screen

Standard ABAP lists typically start with a selection screen that offers a large list of selection criteria and parameters. If you simplify this screen it will save your users time and avoid errors.


  • Use the del command with two coordinates to delete whole selection lines
  • Use compress to get rid of the empty screen lines


Simplified screen:

GuiXT Script

// remove unused selections
F[Purchase requisition] F[Purchase requisition]+(0,120)
del F[Material] F[Material]+(0,120)
del F[Material group] F[Material group]+(0,120)
del F[Network/order] F[Network/order]+(0,120)
del G[Additional WBS element criteria]

// Set fixed value "ALV" for list type and remove parameter
Set F[Scope of list] "ALV"
del F[Scope of list]

// remove horizontal line after "Project"
del F[------.]

// remove whole selection block at the end of the screen
del F[Item category] F[Item category]+(30,80)

// remove all empty lines from screen

You may add a toolbar button "Show more selection criteria..."

 that allows the user to display the hidden selections

// toolbar button to display all selections
Pushbutton (toolbar) "@GU@Show more selection critera..." _

This is explained in the next example "Toggle between 'simplified' and 'standard'"

GuiXT (+ InputAssistant for additional button)