What is the impact of the "low speed connection"?

The data packages sent to SAP GUI are smaller, since
- no technical field names are sent with the screen
- only the top-level menu items are initially sent

How to measure the data package sizes: Open 2 connections to the same system in saplogon, one of them with low speed connection on. Activate GuiXT system trace. Perform the same transactions in both windows. The length of each record is show in a line
api_pbo1 (Beg) (int) leng=xxxx
for each screen.

Some typical figures:

VA01, 2nd screen:
23,841 high speed connection
20,347 low speed connection

FB01, 1st screen
7567 high speed connection
2274 low speed connection

FB01, 2nd screen
1316 high speed connection
892 low speed connection

Typically, for the first screen of a transaction the difference is larger (menu items not sent). But please observe: when the user clicks on an item, there is an additional application server request needed in low speed connection mode. For screens with a table control (like the above VA01 example), the size depends very much on the window size (i.e. on the number of table lines that fit into the window).

The history function of SAP GUI is not possible with low speed connection.