How does GuiXT handle a case in which we have many users, each connecting to several different systems? Can we place numerous GuiXT license keys in the central INI file, and GuiXT will then find the one that is valid for the current SAP system?

A.  This is correct. You repeat the "key" lines and GuiXT will search for the right one.
In addition, with the "EnableSystem" option in guixt.ini, you can select the systems where GuiXT is active.

Q.  What is the meaning of the "EnableSystem" option - is it, in addition to the key, to centrally and quickly enable/disable GuiXT for specific systems? And if I am using the "EnableSystem" option - will GuiXT be disabled for all systems not listed there?

A.  This is correct.

Q.  So - when I use the "EnableSystem" option - I still need to have a key per system - right, or not?

A.  Right. Clearly for the "enabled" systems only.