Scripts on FTP server: We use an FTP server to store the GuiXT scripts. Yesterday this server was down and the users couldn't work in the SAP system without changing their local guixt.ini file. Is there a way to avoid such a situation?

You can use a  fallback server in guixt.ini. Put a central guixt.ini file on the ftp server and use a

Switchto   ftp://....   guixt.ini

statement in the local guixt.ini file. GuiXT will read the next line in the local guixt.ini if the ftp server is not available. You may influence the maximum wait time with e.g.

// wait up to 20 seconds for network file access

FileAccessTimeout  20

Switchto   ftp://....   guixt.ini

After this use a SwitchTo to your fallback server:

// Fallback server

Switchto   ftp://server2...   guixt.ini


Alternatively, use a Switchto to another local guixt.ini where GuiXT is deactivated.