Multiple RFC connections: Since upgrading GuiXT to version 2011 Q3 1 we are seeing numerous RFC connections in the SAP session overview SM04. Is this a bug in GuiXT?

It's not a bug, but as of GuiXT version 2011 Q3 1 the RFC connections are maintained longer. Previous GuiXT versions terminated the connection after each dialog step. You may configure the former behaviour with the command

ProcessingOption RfcDisconnect="On"

in the session script.

The default value for "RfcDisconnect" is 10, which means that GuiXT terminates the RFC connections after 10 dialog steps that have not used the connection.

If the memory on the SAP application server is sufficient you save processing time by maintaining the connection through several dialog setps, since a new RFC logon typically needs as much time as 5-10 simple RFC calls.

If there is a memory shortage on the SAP application server the RfcDisconnect="On" configuration makes sense.