guixt.ini in SAP Web repository: We want to work with a configuration file "guixt.ini" in SAP web repository (transaction SMW0). Why doesn't it work?

In many cases you can see the exact error message when you click on "View->Protocol" in GuiXT. In addition, here is a list of what you should check:


Have you specified a valid RFC user and password in the local guixt.ini?

The parameters are

RfcUser  ...
RfcPassword   ...

or, for encrypted password,

RfcPasswordEnc   ...

You need to specify the RFC user credentials before the "SwitchTo  SAPWR..." command.


Does the RFC user exist in the right client?

This is client 000 unless you specify

RfcCurrentClient  Yes

in the local guixt.ini file. In this case, the RFC access is executed after the user logon and is executed in the client in which the user has logged on. This means you then need the RFC user in all clients.


Is the password correct?

If the password contains lower case characters you need to put it into inverted commas, example:

RfcPassword "hzBG29x3"

or you use the encrypted password. Do not specify it as

RfcPassword  hzBG29x3

since it will be made uppercase HZBG29X3 and won't be valid in recent SAP systems.


Does the RFC user have the necessary authorizations?

You need:


If you use GuiXT version 2011 Q4 1  you will also need


due to a different RFC open call in this version where the RFC layer executes the function module RFCPING (function group SYST) to check the user credentials.


Release the function module WWW_GET_MIME_OBJECT in the SAP system

Use SAP transaction SMW0->Internet release and enter the function module name "WWW_GET_MIME_REPORT"


Check that the RFC user is not locked in SAP