A problem with our GuiXT configuration.

We have a problem with our GuiXT configuration (MY/CO project).
Here is the problem :
1) we use a local guixt.ini which contains :

IgnoreRegistry  YesStartHidden      Yes
FileAccessTimeout 3
SwitchTo http://server1/..../guixt.&database.ini
SwitchTo http://server2/..../guixt.&database.ini
SwitchTo http://server3/..../guixt.&database.ini

2) the central guixt.&database.ini contains :

    (Example : guixt.PRP.ini)

Optional   No
component   GuiXT
component   InputAssistant
StartHidden      Yes
Key MY/CO.PRP.fhbhzt
EnableSystem  PRP
RfcPassword  initial
Replication   Yes
Directory0  C:\TEMP\guixt
CacheEncryption  No
UserCatalog  sapwr,client=315:z01.usercatalog.PRP.txt

3) When we connect in one system it works. If we connect again in the same system or if we open a new session it still works.

But when we connect in another system (without disconnecting from the previous system) GuiXT is no longer active in the new system! Is it a bug or a default in our configuration? Is it a problem with the http cache?

The problem seems to be caused by the

EnableSystem PRP
statement in guixt.PRP.ini

Please make a test without it.

With the first EnableSystem statement, GuiXT will completely ignore all systems that are not specified. It does not distinguish between an EnableSystem in the first guixt.ini or in a system-specific guixt.ini.

There is probably no need for a special interpretation of the EnableSystem statement in system-specific guixt.ini.
If GuiXT does not find the guixt.&database.ini for a certain system, GuiXT is no longer active for this system.