We want to upload a number files to SAP web repository. I observe that GuiXT replaces a slash '/' in the name with a dot '.'. So how do we handle our own namespace "/xxx/"?

If you use the namespace in your directory setting, e.g. Directory1 "SAPWR:/xxx/guixt", then GuiXT will keep the two slashes. If the slash occurs somewhere in the middle of the file name, GuiXT replaces the slash with '.'. Example: You specify "SAPWR:guixt" as directory1. The script has the name "/xxx/sapmf05a.e0100.txt". GuiXT then looks for a file "guixt..xxx.sapmf05a.e0100.txt" in the web repository (with two dots). PS: If the file name gets longer than 30 characters, please use the "File ...alias=..." option (see documentation on command "File").