Having recently installed GuiXT, I am now unable to activate the InputAssistant option. What is the problem?  
I recently downloaded the latest version of GuiXT and InputAssistant. Everything went fine, but now I cannot get into the Profile Dialog. When I click on the button or press F7 the program simply opens the guixt.ini file for editing. I have several scripts that require InputAssistant to be active, and as it stands at this time I cannot turn this option on. I am running Windows XP Professional with SP-1 installed, and SAP BasisRelease 46B Component Version 99. I have followed the instructions provided, but I still cannot get the Profile dialog to come up. Can you please help?

There is most likely a "guixt.ini" file in your sapgui folder that contains the

IgnoreRegistry Yes


Please change this into

IgnoreRegistry No