Handling "Advanced search" in an Inputscript: We use an InputScript with a somewhat unusual construction, namely  a Screen command without subsequent Enter. We do this in order to let the user handle this screen without a predefined action in the InputScript.
This approach worked well in the past but we now have a problem with the new "Advanced search" of SAP GUI 7.40  in one of the fields on this screen. The advanced search popup appears briefly and then vanishes.
Technically, SAP GUI handles the advanced search via the function code "%_SEARCH xxx" where xxx is the current field value. Since the InputScript is still active, this leads to a wrong GuiXT reaction that closes the advanced search window.
If this Screen command is the last one in your InputScript, a workaround is to use a dummy action

Enter "?"

in the InputScript. If it is an intermediate screen, i.e. you want to continue the InputScript after a user action, we currently have no workaround.