Search help "tax classification": In one of our own input fields I need the searchhelp for the tax classification (material master data). I tried

InputField ...  techname="MG03STEUER-TAXKM"

but this doesn't work. What could be the reason?

In this case the SAP searchhelp is not defined in the SAP data dictionary so that the techname= option does not find a searchhelp name.  Debugging the SAP application, one can find out that SAP calls up the special function module "STEUER_TAXKM_HELP",  passing the value "MWST" as parameter  "STEUERTAB_TATYP" .

You can implement the same solution in GuiXT by defining your own ABAP exit program for the searchhelp where you call up the SAP function module "STEUER_TAXKM_HELP". Do it analogously to example 2 of the "InputField" keyword documentation.

An alternative is to use a dropdown field; either put a fixed value list into the script or read the possible values dynamically from the SAP tables TSKM and TSKMT.