Selected value of drop down list: I'm trying to check the value of a drop down list in an InputScript. My coding is as follows:

DropDownList (12,59) "Order type" refer="F[Order type]" width=25 
On "/8" process="vaf8.txt"

and in the InputScript "vaf8.txt" I check the value "&F[Order type]". But I don't get the value that the user has just selected; it is always the previous value. Is there a way to solve this?

The field transport into F[Order type] takes place after processing the input for the current screen, including the processing of the first part of your InputScript which ends with the first "Screen" command. You can solve it using one of the following ways:

In your InputScript, add an "Enter" for the current screen and a "Screen" command. After the "Screen" command "&F[Order type]" will have the new value.

Define the drop down list differently so that the value is put into your own variable, and then use an InputScript to put the selected value into F[Order type]:

DropDownList (12,59) "Order type" refer="V[myOrderType]" width=25 process="SetOrderType.txt"

InputScript "SetOrderType.txt"
Set F[Order type] "&V[myOrderType]"