Bypassing cached data in RFC calls: In my GuiXT Script and later on in an InputScript I call up an SAP function that reads a maintenance order. After executing /11 (which changes the maintenance order) I still get the old data from the SAP function, apparently due to internal caching in the called module. I have tried "ProcessingOption RfcDisconnect="On" in the InputScript but it doesn't help.
Contrary to what one might expect, the RfcDisconnect setting defines the connection behaviour after executing the following RFC calls. Please use

ProcessingOption RfcDisconnect= "On"

in the GuiXT script before you execute any RFC calls. The connection will then be closed after the GuiXT script is processed.

At the end of the GuiXT script you can execute


for performance reasons, which establishes the default, closing the connection after 10 screens without RFC.

PS: There might possibly be an SAP function parameter that deactivates the cache for the function modules that you are calling; if so it would make it unnecessary to handle this through RFC connections.