Sending an email from SAP Business Workplace: In the SAP Business Workplace transaction SBWP I start an InputScript from which I want to create and send a document. For this purpose I use the function Enter /16 that I have recorded. But the InputScript doesn't continue with the next screen, probably since SAP executes the /16 function in a new mode. Is there any workaround?
The /16 function code internally executes /OS00, i.e. it opens a new mode and then uses the "S00" function to create and send the document.

You have two options: Either use Enter /NS00 instead of Enter /16 in your InputScript, create and send the document and then return to the Business Workplace with /NSBWP. Or use Enter /OS00 process="mysendemail.txt" which opens the new mode and starts a new InputScript "mysendemail.txt" in this mode.