Umlauts in email: I use the "Image command to display a small email icon on the screen. When the user clicks the icon his email program is opened with a predefined text:

image ... "email.png" start="mailto:&V[emailaddr]?subject=... &body=... "

This works well but all umlauts in the email text appear with strange symbols. How can this be avoided?

The "mailto:" protocol understands ASCII only. For Non-ASCII characters you can use the notation %nn where nn is the hexadecimal code of the character, e.g. "%F6" instead of "".

If you have any variables in your text that may contain Umlaut characters you can use the "ReplaceText" command to carry out this substitution.


Set text[x] "&V[companyname]"

ReplaceText "x" from="" To="%F6"

ReplaceText "x" from="" To="%FC"