Tab click does not re-process GuiXT script: In a particular SAP transaction (PLMD_AUDIT), when clicking on the text tab (2nd tab), the screen changes without processing the GuiXT script again, as is done in other transactions. What is the reason?
This is one of the rare cases of a SAP screen where tab clicks are handled locally without application server interrupt.

In this case the GuiXT script is processed only once, and tab clicks change the visibility of the elements without reloading the screen.

You can handle the situation in the GuiXT script if you consider all tabs to be part of one large screen. Observe the following rules:

- do not use if Q[Page=...]

- all screen elements, including the invisible ones, can be addressed in the GuiXT script

- when you create new elements on the screen, use an "Offset" command that refers to an element on the tab in which you want to put your new element; for example a group box visible on this tab. Technically your own element will then be placed on the subscreen that corresponds to this tab and will automatically become visible when the user clicks this tab.