Displaying ABC indicator on main tab: In transaction IW23 (Display PM notification) I would like to show the "ABC indicator" on the main tab "Notification" instead of tab "Location data". Can you tell me how to achieve this?
I suggest you use the "DropDownList" statement to create the ABC indicator field on the "Notification" tab, since only a few input values (A/B/C) are possible. The first time the screen is displayed you call up an InputScript that reads the value from the "Location data" tab.

GuiXT script:

if Q[Transaction=IW23] and Q[Page=Notification]

   // First time?
   if not V[IW_transactionid=&V[_transactionid]]
    Set V[IW_transactionid] "&V[_transactionid]"

   // read ABC indicator
   Enter process= "read_abc_indicator.txt"

   // no further script processing

   Set text[abcind] "=--- Select ABC indicator ---;A=A Prod. Loss;B=B
   Reduced prod.
  Loss;C=C No effect on prod."

   DropDownList G[Reference object]+(0,90) "abcind" refer="V[abcind]"
   width=30 process=
  "set_abc_indicator.txt" -readonly


InputScript "read_abc_indicator.txt":

Enter P[Location data]

Screen sapliqs0.7200
  Set V[abcind] "&F[ABC indicator]"
  Enter P[Notification]