Suppress SAP GUI history for my own InputField: For one of my InputFields I would like to disable the standard SAP GUI history function. Is this possible?
There is no InputField option available which suppresses the SAP GUI history, but you can use the following tricky workaround:

The SAP GUI history depends on the technical field name and the technical field name contains the GuiXT name. When you choose a random GuiXT field name for the field, there will be no history. Example:

Set V[randomname] "matnr&V[today_ymdhms]"

Set V[&V[randomname]] "&V[matnr]"

InputField (10,10) -nolabel size=12 name= "&V[randomname]"


// ... and in your InputScript, for example:

Set V[matnr] "&V[&V[randomname]]"