Selected searchhelp value not shown: When trying to enter a value in a field with a searchhelp called by GuiXT, the value isn't passed to the field when it is selected. This used to work in previous versions and no changes have been made to the script. The environment is Windows 7, SAP GUI 7.30 SP1 and GuiXT 2012 Q4 1.
I attach the GuiXT script.
Since 2012 there has been a change in the searchhelp handling by GuiXT due to technical changes in SAP GUI: the screen with its GuiXT script is now reprocessed after the matchcode value selection.

If you reset the field value in your script this overwrites the selected searchhelp value that GuiXT has just set.

By the way, the variable is also cleared when the user presses F1 in an input field, independent of GuiXT searchhelp.

To correct this in your script, do not initialize the variables each time the script is processed. You can use the system variable &V[_transactionid] which is different for each new call of the transaction. Example:

// new call?
if not V[_transactionid=&V[my_transactionid]]
  Set V[my_transactionid] "&V[_transactionid]"

  // initialize variables
  Set V[myvariable] ""