Search help doesn't return the selected value: After installing GuiXT version 2012 Q4 2  the searchhelp of  one of our InputFields doesn't work anymore. The searchhelp screen is shown but the selected value is not put into the field. Is this a bug in GuiXT? I attach our scripts; the transaction is ME31K.

In contrast to previous versions, GuiXT now processes the screen with its GuiXT script after the search help selection. In your script you have the statement

Set V[z_me3xk*] ""

which clears the fields after searchhelp return. Even with previous GuiXT versions it would be a problem if the user activated a SAP standard function (such as /O to display the session overview) and then returned to the screen, loosing all the input values.

I suggest you check the transaction id before clearing the fields, for example with the following script lines:

// new transaction? then clear fields
if not V[_transactionid=&V[me3xk_transactionid]]
 Set V[me3xk_transactionid] "&V[_transactionid]"
 Set V[z_me3xk*] ""