Scroll position: We have a screen in which we have created numerous InputFields, so that the user has to scroll down to enter values in the lower part of the screen. After an "Enter" the screen always goes to the top again. Can we avoid this?

We do not have the perfect solution, but with the following coding you can assure that after entering a value in an InputField and pressing Enter, this field still remains in view with the cursor on it, but may now be at the top of the screen:

// still on same transaction?
if V[_transactionid=&V[mytransactionid]]

  // cursor on own input field?
  if not V[_cursorfieldtechname] and F[&V[_cursorfieldname]]
     SetCursor F[&V[_cursorfieldname]]
  // save transaction id
  Set V[mytransactionid] "&V[_transactionid]"