Aligning columns in a text file: In transaction VA22/VA23 I have added a pushbutton that generates a text file. I would like to align the columns; they consist of strings of variable length.
In addition I would like to display some right-aligned columns. The text display uses a fixed font.

In order to align the columns, use a “Set” command where you specify an interval. Example:

Set V[C1](1-5) "&V[C1]"
Set V[C2](1-8) "&V[C2]"
Set V[C3](1-30) "&V[C3]" [ ... ]

[ ... ]
AppendFile "&U[Filename]" C1 C2 C3

For right-aligned columns, use the “-alignright” option of the Set command:

Set V[C1](1-5) "&V[C1]" -alignright