Searchhelp function: I am adding inputfields to screens and I would like to add F4 searchhelp to them, which will open F4 searchhelp from other existing fields. I am following the advice in Tips & Tricks Nr. 18 about hitting F4 on the "old" field from which I would like to take the searchhelp.

But when I start the ABAP debugger I am not able to find the requested field (F4IF_START_VALUE_REQUEST). That entry is not there. For your analysis I attach a screenshot of the ABAP debugger.

In the ABAP call stack you see a function DD_SHLP_CALL_FROM_DYNP. It is called with a parameter HELP_INFOS, which in fact is a structure of type HELP_INFO. Display the value of the component MCOBJ of the structure passed to DD_SHLP_CALL_FROM_DYNP. It contains the name of the searchhelp.