Automatic refresh: I would like to refresh a screen automatically with "F5" every 5 seconds. Can it be done with GuiXT? I tried the following but it doesn't display the new values and it blocks the screen!

Enter /5 wait=5000

Please add the "-visible" option in  the Enter command, otherwise GuiXT waits until there is no more "Enter" to be executed before displaying the new screen values. In order to be able to leave the screen I suggest you add a checkbox. Example:

// add check box

CheckBox (0,0) "Refresh automatically" name="automatic_refresh"

// shift grid one row

pos X[CUSTOM] (1,0)

if V[automatic_refresh=X]

  Title "&V[_title]   -  Updated &V[today_h:m:s]"

  Enter "/5"  wait=5000 -visible