Filling an empty table: I am trying to populate up to 16 rows of data in the table but the "LastRow" parameter of the GetTableAttribute command is returned as 4. Why doesn't LastRow give me the total number of rows in the table, i.e. 16 in this case?
The code I am using is as follows:
   GetTableAttribute T[SAPLSO04_REC_CONTROL] FirstVisibleRow=FVisRow
   LastVisibleRow=LVisRow LastRow=LRow

If you fill an empty table with 16 new entries I suggest you ignore the "LastRow" parameter. For example, if the SAP application initially fills in 4 empty table entries "LastRow" will be 4 at the beginning. But internally the table can have as many rows as you like; you only need to fill new entries and press "Enter" to get more visible rows.