Date in user format: I'm using an RFC call that returns a table with a "date" column in format YYYYMMDD. I would like to display the dates in the format chosen by the user, e.g. DD.MM.YYYY. How can I do this?

This is somewhat tricky:

// We use a test date
Set V[dx] "20110417"

// Calculate the difference between the given date and today
// Use the format YYYY-MM-DD
Set V[diff_today] "&V[dx](1,4)-&V[dx](5,6)-&V[dx](7,8)" - "&V[today_y-m-d]"

// Add the difference to today's date, in user format
Set V[userdate] "&V[today_user]" + "&V[diff_today]"

// Display the date in a test message
Message "&V[userdate]"