Scrolling in our own table: When we use the new functionality "Table" (which is very useful to us) there is a problem with scrolling. If you scroll to row 21 and onwards, the line content disappears. The debugger shows the line cell value correctly, e.g. V[proj.cell.varname3.21]. My test table definition is:

Table (11,0) (33,159) name="proj"   title="Project overview"   rows=20  

Column "Hd1"      size=5  name="varname"    -checkbox
Column "Hd2"      size=85  name="varname2"   -proportionalfont

Please specify the actual number of table rows in the "rows=" option. When you specify 

Table ...   rows=20

GuiXT assumes 20 rows in table content. The visible rows, on the other hand, are determined by the coordinates (11,0) (33,159).