Logon from USB Stick: I would like to create an automated logon but want to avoid leaving my passwords in an exposed text file on the PC.
Is it possible to use a script (elogon.txt) and redirect it to a script file on a memory stick?

(1)   If you know that the USB stick always obtains the same drive letter, e.g. E:, you can use

include "E:\guixt\logon.txt"

in your normal logon script. If, for example, it is E: or H: you may  use

include "E:\guixt\logon.txt"

include "H:\guixt\logon.txt"

since GuiXT ignores non-existent include files.

(2)   Alternatively you can use:

CopyText fromFile="E:\guixt\password.txt" toText="password"

if Q[ok]