Report select options "not equal": We learned to use "SET" in InputAssistant to assign a value to an input field on the screen. One problem we met is to set a "not equal" value. Typically, in calling some report, we have to define a "variant" to contain a "not equal" criterion. How can we do this easier and more simply with InputAssistant?

When you start a report and want to define a "not equal" selection, the easiest way is as follows:

You define a report variant, eg "MYVARIANT1" for this report that contains the selection in the appropriate format. Then you start the report in your InputScript with transaction SA38 and choose "Start with variant":

Enter "/NSA38"

Screen SAPMS38M.0101

  Set F[Program]  "xxxx"  // Report name

  Enter "/18"           // Execute with variant

// Execute Program RMMVRZ00 with Variant

Screen SAPLS38R.0020

  Set F[Variant]  "MYVARIANT1"   // variant name


Now you are on a screen where you can set a variable value as "not equal" in your InputScript.

Without having a predefined variant, things become complicated, since SAP uses a special control to select the operators such as the "not equal" operator, and you need to call "SAP GUI scripting" in you InputScript to automate this operator selection.