Call on logon screen: In the logon screen we would like a button with which the user can reset the user password. We want to use an InputScript with a Call statement, but the Call is not working, probably since the logon has not yet been done. Do you see a possibility to avoid this problem?

Probably this is a problem with the client number which is not known before the logon screen is processed. You can use the "RfcConnect" command in your InputScript. Example:

Set V[bname] "&F[RSYST-BNAME]" 

Set V[mandt] "&F[RSYST-MANDT]"

if not V[bname] or not V[mandt]

  Message "E: Please specify the user name and client number"  -statusline



RfcConnect parameters="ASHOST=L1 SYSNR=00 CLIENT=&V[mandt]"

  Call "BAPI_USER_GET_DETAIL" in.USERNAME="&V[bname]" out.COMPANY="company"

RfcConnect parameters=""

if not Q[ok]

  Message "E: Function failed due to RFC error" - statusline



Message "I: Password has been reset" -statusline

Please replace "ASHOST=L1 SYSNR=00" with the connection data for your SAP system. Alternatively, you can use DEST=... or SAPLOGON_ID=...