For its RFC connection, can GuiXT employ user & password of current user?
(We need such capability due to several policy restrictions on SAP users & Windows Domain users. Several customer of ours define their password with a due date, so that whenever the password expires all PCs must be updated with the new password.)

In order to maintain a central RFC user and password that can easily be changed if necessary, you can use the "SwitchTo" option in your local guixt.ini files:

SwitchTo  somefilename where somefilename is a central guixt.ini file

in the local network or on an http or ftp server. Then you put the RFC password and user into the central guixt.ini file without having to update all local guixt.ini files.

Alternatively, you can use the "-currentuser" option of the Call statement:

Call "BAPI_..." -currentuser in.p1= ....

But please note that this option works if the user has logged on with user name and password, but not in cases of SSO (single sign on).