RFC library: We have heard that SAP is going to stop supporting TABLE parameters in Function Module. Is that correct?

In the 2nd half of 2008, with NetWeaver 7.10, SAP introduced a new RFC library, the "SAP Netweaver RFC library" . This library supports tables (and nested tables) as Import/Export parameters (see SAP note 1025361).

The two libraries are incompatible; it is necessary to re-implement the interfaces in C++ when upgrading from the "classic" library to the "Netweaver" library. SAP suggests that all programs should upgrade to the "Netweaver" library as of 2016, since the classic library will not be maintained by SAP after the year 2016 (current planning).

At Synactive we have decided to postpone the transition over to the new library for around 1 or 2 years until the new library is more widely used in the SAP community. This is to avoid any risk to current installations for the time being.

SAP itself still uses "Tables" parameters in all BAPI functions, and there seems to be no plan to create a new set of BAPI functions that use Import/Export parameters instead.

When you create a new ABAP function module in transaction SE37, a "Tables" parameter is denoted as "obsolete" in new SAP systems, but this is the case only if the function module is not classified as a "remote-enabled" function.