Searchhelp exit: I have a problem with a self-defined searchhelp... Following scenario: I have some input fields on the screen - let's call them Field A,B,C. There is another SAP entry field (Main work center at T-code IW21) where I have attached my own searchhelp, with syntax searchhelp="exit.program.form". Within this called program I perform a select in order to get the values to be shown as searchhelp result. Now I would like to restrict these results by using the entered values of the fields A,B,C. That means I would need the current values of A,B,C in my program to have the SELECT statement like SELECT * ...WHERE ...=A and ...=B and ...=C. How can I get the values of the inputfields transferred into my program?

In the InputField definition you should name the additional values shselname1, shselvalue1, shselname2, shselvalue2,.. Example:

inputfield  ... searchhelp="exit...."  shselname1="OTYPE"  shselvalue1="[Order type]" shselname2="CC" shselvalue2="[xcompany]"

refering to the values of an an SAP entry field "Order type" and an InputScript variable (or your own InputField) "xcompany".

In your ABAP exit routine:

Form xxxx


    sel "table with shselname1=, shselvalue1=,

    dest "table with shname1=, shdest1

  using invalue

  changing selvalue.

the passed table "sel" contains one line for each shselname/shselvalue pair; each line with sel-name and sel-value. For example, you obtain

OTYPE              OR

CC                    0001