Is it possible to query the content of a field that has been entered on a previous screen? In the script of the VA01 main screen I need to obtain the "Order type" that the user entered in the VA01 entry screen.

Yes, this is possible. There are two ways to achieve it:


With the notation

&[::Order type]

you obtain the most recently entered value  "Order type".

Set V[ortype] "&[::Order type]"

if V[ortype=X1]




Use a "link" command in GuiXT script of the screen that contains the entry field. Example:

Link V[VA01_ortype]  F[Order type]

I recommend solution (b) for the following reason: If there is another entry field "Order type" in one of the VA01 screens that you process later on, its value will overwrite the value &[::Order type], and not your own variable V[VA01_ortype].