Decimal point or comma: I have a situation where a function module returns the data for a money value (dollar, euro, etc) based on the number format of the RFC user; example: 10,00. I want this number to be displayed in the dialog user's number format (example: 10.00). How can I achieve this?
I have already tried, but without success (see below):

Option 1

Set V[z_variarable]  "&V[z_string](5-10)"  decimalseparator=UserDefault
Result: 10,00     (Keeps same value)

Option 2

Set V[z_variable]    "&V[z_string](5-10)"
Set V[z_variable]    "&V[z_variable]" + "0" decimalseparator=UserDefault
Result: 1000.00   (Changes the value)

You need two steps:

- multiply by 100 to eliminate the decimals

- divide by 100, setting decimalseparator=UserDefault

The reason is that "decimalseparator=UserDefault" defines both input interpretation and output representation, and you need to interpret the input with "," and the output with "."