I use several InputScripts that call each other with an "Enter" command. My question is whether the "MaxStepCount" limit is reset to 0 with each start of a  new InputScript, or whether "MaxStepCount" is increased as long as the InputScripts are processed?
GuiXT uses a default limit of 1 million for the number of script lines able to be processed. When the limit is reached the script is terminated with an error message.

You may change the limit with the command:
ProcessingOption MaxStepcount=x
where x can be any positive number.

The limit 0 has a special meaning:
ProcessingOption MaxStepcount=0
deactivates the checking completely.

In InputScripts GuiXT re-establishes the limit of 1 million on each Screen command. This means that in your InputScript you need a separate "ProcessingOption MaxStepCount=x" command for each "Screen" section.