For my own InputField, I am using the SAP searchhelp for "Unit of Measure", but when I open the matchcode, 4 columns appear (Commercial, MU, Measurement Unit Text and Dimension Text). The value that is copied upon selection is correct. However, I would like to see only the "MU" and "Measurement Unit Text" columns on the F4 screen, as in the SAP standard. Is that possible?

SAP uses a function module "UNIT_OF_MEASUREMENT_HELP" that displays the two columns. You can use the same function via an exit program as explained in the "InputField" documentation:

Define your InputField as (for example):

Inputfield (6,1) "Unit" (6,20) name="unit" size="3" searchhelp="exit.zguixtmc8.select_unit"

and create an ABAP program "ZGUIXTMC8" that calls the SAP function module:

Program ZGUIXTMC8.

Data: Unit(3).

Form select_unit


    sel "table with shselname1=, shselvalue1=,

    dest "table with shname1=, shdest1

  using invalue

  changing selvalue.



    SELECT_UNIT = Unit


    others = 1.

* Return selected value

If sy-subrc = 0.

  selvalue = unit.