Is it possible to place the cursor into an Inputfield created with GuiXT? We want to do this in conjunction with an error message.

For InputFields with a label "xxx", please use

SetCursor F[xxx]

For InputFields without label (-nolabel option), use "F[vname]" in the SetCursor command where "vname" is the variable name of the InputField.


// field with label:
InputField (15,1) "label1" (15,10) size=60 name="FX1"

SetCursor F[label1]    // set cursor to input field "label1"

// field without label:

InputField (20,1) -nolabel size=10 name="FX2"

SetCursor F[FX2]    // set cursor to input field "FX2"

Please note that SetCursor [FX1] will not work for the first InputField.