In order to select a certain variant for a transaction, I would like to set the cursor on line 5 "CADO_01". How can I do this?

The SAP variant selection popup uses a grid control (not a table) and GuiXT cannot position the cursor there. Here are two possible workarounds:

- Call SAP GUI scripting from the GuiXT InputScript to select the variant

This is relatively complicated and works only if the scripting is allowed on the SAP server and on each PC

-Define a new transaction code that starts the transaction with the right variant

Use SE93 to define a new transaction code, e.g. ZZCADO. Transaction Type: Report transaction. Enter report "CATSSHOW" and "Start with variant" CADO_01, save the transaction code. Now you can use "Enter /NZZCAD0" in the GuiXT script / InputScript to start the transaction with the variant.