I am trying to test SAP GUI scripting. I have checked in the options that the SAP GUI scripting is installed. But when I try to record or to do something else with the scripting, I get the following message : "Scripting is disabled on the server". What exactly should we do on the server ?

To set the parameter, run transaction rz11, enter the parameter name sapgui/user_scripting and press the Display button. If the parameter is not found then the support package level of the system does not suffice. On the following screen the Current value entry should be TRUE. If it is displayed as FALSE, press the Change value button on the toolbar, set the value to TRUE and save it. The value must be entered in uppercase, otherwise it will be interpreted as FALSE.

If the SAP system has several application servers and uses load balancing you may want to set the Switch on all servers check box. Otherwise the parameter is only set when you log into the current application server. After saving the value  Current value should change to TRUE. If the value does not change then make sure that the appropriate kernel patch has been installed. The scripting support will then be enabled the next time you log into the server. See SAP OSS note 480149 for additional information.