We are trying to create two new inputfields using the matchcode of existing fields in transaction IW24:

inputfield (5,1) "Activities" (5,17) Name="Activity" SearchHelp="H_T350I" shselname1="AUART" shselvalue1="PM02"
inputfield (3,1) "WorkCenter" (3,30) Name="WorkCenter" searchHelp="CRAMA"  shselname1="VERWE" shselvalue1="0005"

The first inputfield works fine; a restricted list is displayed to the user. For the second inputfield the user is shown the search restriction dialog box, the value for VERWE is not entered. Do you have any idea why the CRAMA search help is not working?

The possible selection fields, e.g. "VERWE", are defined in transaction SE11, search help "CRAMA". In this screen you see different columns for each searchhelp field. The checkbox column with title "Imp" determines whether it is possible to "import" values to the searchhelp.  Click the "Imp" checkbox for "VERWE" and then regenerate the searchelp (pushbutton in toolbar). When you call up the GuiXT searchhelp for "CRAMA" again, the value "0005" should be visible in the VERWE selection field.