Working on a screen with a list I have executed the command:
   Set V[v_record] "&V[_listline(1)]"
The variable v_record only captures the first 142 characters.  The listing contains 200 characters, so how do I retrieve the remainder?

We have no elegant solution to this problem.  The SAP system sends only the visible list part to the frontend, so GuiXT has no chance to read the remaining part.

In an InputScript, a possibility would be the

Enter "PS++"

command that scrolls the list to the right, so that (with the next Screen event) the V[_listline(1)] variable will contain the righthand part of the list line.

An alternative possibility, with current GuiXT version 2006 Q3 1 and upwards, is to check the window width and to ask the user to enlarge the window if he wants to use your new function, so that the whole list becomes visible.